Ourtall-sky Engagement Process

Entering into a business relationship is a marriage of sorts, and we take the courtship very seriously!

Once we mutually decide to explore your desired transition, we prefer to meet at your business location.

Typically the objective of this first meeting is to find out if there is a “chemistry” between us.  We are as interested in learning about your desired life path, your values, and the energetic atmosphere of your facility, as in looking at your financials. 

Likewise, you must decide whether we, both personally and professionally, are a fit as an advisory team to assist in your transition.

If we decide to work together, then, in the next few meetings we collect information to conduct a thorough assessment of issues and options intrinsic to the assignment.

We will look at the various business functions: management, financial, operations, and sales and marketing, to understand the company’s strengths and challenges.

The mechanics of our engagement include a simple agreement regarding the scope of work and expected outcomes.  We like our clients to be equally committed to the project’s success – whether it involves selling the business or implementing a growth plan – by trading our expertise and outsourced managerial skills for a mutually agreed upon retainer-based fee structure.

When we are engaged in a mergers and acquisitions project, our up-front fees may be credited against the commission paid when the deal closes.